Congratulations! Maher & Maher

WIMPAQ Acquires Talent Development Consulting Firm Maher & Maher!

We are always excited to see our clients grow and succeed. 

“Maher & Maher brings to IMPAQ skilled staff, deep domain expertise, and proven learning solutions,” said IMPAQ CEO, Avi Benus. “Combining their technical assistance experience with our evidence-driven approach will result in highly efficient delivery of workforce development services and allow us to extend our reach further into the public and private sectors.”

“This will enable us to significantly enhance workforce programs, bring new value in measuring outcomes for our clients, and impact more lives,” said Richard D. “Rick” Maher, Maher & Maher’s Principal. “IMPAQ offers us scalability and deeper resources, something I know both our clients and our employees are going to appreciate.”

Veopix Emoji’s are Everything

[Content, Yawzer, No way!, Shiner, Zip-it, Thong thong thong, Undy game, Pedicure, Badass, Brush your stinky mouth.]

Sneak peek – emoji set

If you don’t know how to say it with words, say it with emojis.

We have this great client that asks us to get creative from time to time and make things for platforms and stuff. So, we made an emoji family that clicks and vibes with smart asse(t)s…

You Need Glasses. Say What?

This New AI Algorithm Can Sharpen Image Quality Into Detailed Photos

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You know those original design file templates we gave you to edit in-house, well this article will help you with putting good quality photos in them.

Having a software that can turn my blurry photos into high quality content makes the worry of not being able to take that perfect photo op again, meaningless!