What’s in a Name?

Veopix, who that be?

That’s us, duh!

Veo ~ originated from our latino roots. It means to ‘see’.
Pix ~ originated from pixels within design. That’s our origins / foundation.

So… put those two together, I See Pixels! Yes folks, we love design and see it everywhere we go. It makes sense that it is our brand and name.

The Veopix video shows our story using typography to simplify in key words who we are in 44 seconds. Enjoy!

Veopix Design from Veopix Media on Vimeo.

Chick­Fil­A: Jam Session

Veopix Discovery Session

Veopix teamed with Covello to create a signature “Jam Session”. We brought on the creative side of ideation and brainstorming to help Chick-Fil-A ideate around the Remarkable Movement Campaign.

“Big results require big ambitions!”

James Champy