CIHR Re-brand

Client: Center for Improved Human Relationships


Take it up a notch.

Our team helped rebrand CIHR to reflect an edgy timeless attitude with their new iconic logo, what they do with it and how you use/see it is left up to your interpretation. Why? Because they are a badass mama jama.

Working within the Mission.

We delved into the psyche of the Center For Improved Human Relationships mission. Through building bridges that allow you to overcome conflicts, the re-brand focused on bringing Civility into Your Life. The rhythmic patterns in the logo, missing gaps and connections symbolize emotions and the world around us that is forever changing. By seeking the mentoring within CIHR, the client is helping to build the bridges needed to successfully connect the missing gaps that lead to a more productive life.

And it looks cool too. Timeless.

Words by CIHR:

“I have been working with Linda and her team from Veopix for two years. Linda is insanely talented. She is a gifted ux/ui designer, logo designer and web page creator. She delivers on time. She knows how to work with diverse personalities. She is also, engaging, funny and warm. I will hire her over and over on any of my projects.”


Peter Favaro, Ph.D.

What we did.

● Re­-Brand Development
● Logo Design
● New Target Audience Analysis
● Collateral Design