Glamour Paws

Client: Glamour Paws


Happy tails.

We captured the glamorous personality of our furry friends through high end promotional ads, collateral and web graphics to help bring attention to their needs. Why? Because happy dogs are the prettiest dogs.

Join the party, Woof.

Glamour Paws joyful, fun, and expressive brand calls for a classy, glamourous visual interpretation. We agree animals aren’t just pets and customers aren’t just visitors. That is why we designed the ad’s, collateral design and web graphics to mirror the taste of your pampered furry family members. Veopix’s challenge was to reinvent Glamour Paws print and digital identity in order to fuel the high end branded products and services offered.

“Wag more, bark less.”



What we did.

● Advertising Design
● Marketing Collateral
● Design
● Web

Glamour Paws