Invest Atlanta

Client: Invest Atlanta


Be a Badass.

We helped Invest Atlanta within Design and implementation of creative solutions for their Annuals and Promotional Graphic data needs to show Atlanta’s economical strength and global competitiveness. Why? Because they help Atlanta grow.

Innovation on the streets of ATL.

We helped Invest Atlanta by creating Annual Designs and Advertising that focused on programs and initiatives developing and fostering public-private partnerships to accelerate job creation/economic growth, neighborhood revitalization/investment, and innovation/entrepreneurship. We took their brand and gave it a modernized sharpness that showcased their impact on technology, startups and growing business prosperity for the people of Atlanta.

“People who think they are crazy enough to change the world are the ones who do.”


Steve Jobs

What we did.

● Re­-Brand Development
● Print & Digital Promotional Graphics
● Advertising Design
● Infographics

Invest Atlanta

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