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Client: Maher & Maher


Trust the Process.

Maher & Maher trusts us with their sensitive Government messages to rely them visually and impact their target audiences year after year. Why? Because government text/message is not the funnest and we make it fun as you become knowledgeable on the topics!

Creating growth, time and time again.

During the design process, Veopix and Maher & Maher stay in close contact, reviewing wireframes, designs, and development updates on a regular basis to create an interface and an architecture that will be easily navigated by users and managed by the M&M team efficiently and effectively.

We creatively seek new ways to communicate important government material through design within government contracts. We have had the pleasure of making these areas visually eye catching and comprehensible through our visual graphics and design strategy: The State Strategies, Youth Apprenticeship, Department of Labor; Anti-Harassment in Apprenticeship, Pre-Apprenticeship Pathways for Women, Equal Employment Opportunities, Department of Labor; Disability, Integrated Service Toolkit, Complex Reporting, Outreach and Recruitment Resources, Building RA Programs, Workforce Strategy, Workforce Solution for the IT Industry.

With its usability and strong brand message, Maher & Maher gives young and mature audiences just what they need as they continue to grow in today’s ever changing society.

Words by Maher & Maher:

“We had a relatively small project with Veopix, but I was really impressed by their professionalism, attention to detail, imagination and quick turnaround time. I suspect they would be even better on a larger project, and we definitely intend to use them again.” (Guess what, they did… again & again. We are grateful and enjoy them as clients. ~ Veopix)


Arnie Richter
Director, Regional & State Workforce Solutions at Maher & Maher

What we do.

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● Business Strategy
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● Web / Platform Design
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