Client: Blacc Spot Media


Be Fearless.

We helped SideKik move forward with an app and platform prototype to provide Real-Time Legal Representation and Data Storage. To fearlessly seek the truth within abusive illegal interactions amongst the police force and others. Why? Because society can be a bully sometimes, and we have to stand up for our rights!

Protecting you continually in every situation.

SideKik is a Platform that removes barriers to access counsel when needed, SideKik provides 24/7, real-time consultative services and video streaming at your fingertips. Providing a platform to record events as they occur that is beneficial to attorneys and clients. The iOS app performs two key actions simultaneously: One, it activates your smartphone’s audio and video recording devices and begins streaming the data to a secure facility. Two, it initiates a video call and connects you with an attorney who will represent you in whatever situation you find yourself.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Wayne Dyer

What we did.

● Brand Development
● Logo Design
● Content Strategy
● Campaign Strategy
● (UI) User Interface – Attorney/User view
● (UX) User Experience- Attorney/User view
● Web / Platform Design
● iOS App Design
● Motion Graphics